The Sewing Croft was created by me, Zoe Roberts in January of 2012, based in the English Countryside from a beautiful studio in The Croft. Having started by using You Tube to learn how to use a sewing machine, blogs to learn to sew and sheer utter determination, The Sewing Croft was established.

Since that time I have continually changed and adapted to my surroundings, climate and customers needs. 

In January 2012 our Etsy shop opened, listing a few handmade hearts and embroidered cushions, having all but abandoned it and realising that the market was flooded with these items I came up with the Postcard Pillow / Cushion. Totally and utterly unique.

We sold our first Postcard Pillow to the US on May 31st 2012. We have not looked back since.

To date we have over 1700 sales in our Etsy shop, and over 3000 in total online sales from customers literally all over the world. We maintain a 5 star review shop.

We are and will remain, a business focussed on the customer and committed to remaining very affordable.

Welcome to The Croft.